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Many years of scientific studies have shown that: Our eating is habitual, it is unconscious and it is influenced by external factors as well as life experiences. A fat loss diet culture or group-class will not fix these factors and help for the best weight loss, certainly not long-term.

Why we're different?

We offer complete support to the level that you require to lose weight. This may include spending up to 5 days a month together. At work, home, restaurants or on holiday. Shopping, cooking, eating out and exercising.


A greater understanding combined with expert nutrition advice, support and motivation is proven to be the best method of weight loss and behaviour change for lifelong results.

NutriBro offer:

Food Rustic

The CNS has been specifically designed to offer the best chance at lifelong weight loss through behaviour changes invoking transformations to meet goals, and maintain them.

Passionate engagement in both nutrition and the evidence behind best weight loss has led us to completely avoid a periodic 'fat loss diet', and rather make small manageable changes that can prevail for lifelong results. The CNS is designed taking into account evidence from many years of studies to incorporate the best parts of each weight loss strategy and the easiest yet most consequential effects.

Nutrition counselling and coaching are totally customer-centric and will be designed to suit your availability, needs, timescales and specific health conditions. NutriBro uses Associate and Registered Nutritionist coaches.



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Sports nutrition has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. With an influx of investment into sports science and nutrition from sponsors and national governing bodies, sports such as cycling and triathlon have led the way in changing the approach to performance towards an evidence-based platform from which to apply good quality information to the athletes.


Nutrition is often overlooked, especially in Rugby, or valuable resources are applied into strength and conditioning and personal fitness, rather than a nutrition coach that can support all the work you do, and increase the training and performance output. An online sports nutritionist can solve this issue.

Terry Walker has performed to an elite level in rock climbing, an entirely weight-conscious sport, and has a Master's degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science, he is a performance sports nutrition coach

If you need online sports nutritionist coaching for rugby, football, triathlon, marathon or rock climbing, use the form at the bottom of the page to get in contact with our performance sports nutritionist.

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Passionate Nutritionist

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The connection between nutrition and mental health is far less focused on than nutrition and physical health.

Nutrition can play a crucial part in the onset of depression, anxiety and body image issues, it can, therefore, affect the severity of episodes and cause a prolonged duration.

Emotional overeating, binge eating, and fat loss diet culture do not help mental health.

Understanding malnutrition, overnutrition, the role of micronutrients, serotonin, caffeine and adrenaline, for instance, can shed light on emotional states.

Best Online Nutritionist & Coach

Worldwide Nutrition Support

Home, Work, Holiday, Sports

This is a 6-week intensive version of the CNS. An online nutrition coach that designs a program to lose weight (5-10% body fat) through intuitive eating and food freedom. This can then be followed up with long term support for lifelong results.

The weight-loss industry is saturated with fake-news, quack advice, and meaningless products and services. We provide evidence-based nutrition advice and counselling.

The nutrition counselling gives behaviour change techniques to facilitate long term life-transforming health and the best weight loss programs, combating food obsessed individuals, or those with food fixation issues.

We have availability for ad-hoc sessions via Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom. Bring your questions and needs to us... which will then be addressed instantly, or after seeking evidence to build a fact-based solution. These sessions can be used to created plans, give advice, or for basic motivational counselling.

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