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NutriBro. Nutrition Consultancy


This consultancy was created to help people succeed with behaviour changes enabling them to lose weight or improve performance with the education, awareness and support of the best online nutritionists.

In light of the fact that a short term fat loss diet or fad does not work over the medium term, and definitely not over the long term, we aim to support people through the entire process.

The best chance of success is via small behaviour changes creating large effects, which are both sustainable and not onerous.

The services we have created are all backed by scientific evidence and give the real possibilities of life-changing body transformations.

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Evidence Based Nutrition

  • The Complete Nutrition Solution

  • 6 Week Fast Track

  • Online Nutritionist Consultations

  • Performance Sports Nutrition

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

Terry Walker

Terry Walker

I grew up playing almost every sport, thus staying healthy and in shape was in line with my motivation to become a professional Rugby player. At the age of 21 and after many injuries, I retired from professional Rugby to become a management consultant in the IT software industry.


After 5 years of struggling with office life, I became a mountaineering instructor, climbing coach, and internationally qualified ski instructor living and working in France. Throughout my life nutrition has played a crucial part in my performance as a professional sportsperson, and to support the high levels of demand on my body in climbing and skiing.

After pursuing online nutrition courses and being shocked by the poor quality of evidence used, Terry Walker completed a Master's degree, with Distinction, in Nutrition and Exercise Science from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Chester. Terry now practices as a specialist online nutritionist in sports nutrition and weight loss program.


  • Metabolism - Biochemistry, Physiology and Anatomy

  • Science of Weight Management

  • Behaviour Change Psychology in Nutrition

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Exercise and Health Science

  • Statistics and Data Analysis

  • Thesis - Metabolic Substrate Utilisation in Elite Rock Climbing


  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Nutritional Analysis

  • Activity and Exercise Prescriptions

  • Psychological Models to describe Nutritional habits

  • Kinanthropometry and body measurements

  • Online Nutrition Coach



  • Patience

  • Customer-Centric Approach

  • Empathy

  • Motivation to Help people

  • In-depth understanding of Nutritional Science

  • Nutritionist London


What is a Nutritionist?

The best online nutritionist should at least have competency in all 5 of the following areas: Scientific Methods, Food, Social Interaction / Behaviours Relating to Food, Nutrition Health and Wellbeing, and Professional Conduct. This can be gained by 3 or 4 years of under/post-graduate studies at a recognised university in an evidence-based nutritional field, along with follow up CPD courses, and professional experience.

The title 'Nutritionist' is unfortunately not yet protected by statute in the UK, though proceedings are underway to award the title Chartered nutritionist to those meeting the strict criteria.


Maximise your performance with evidence-based recommendations

Food types, Energy levels, Macro-nutrients, Fluids, Electrolytes, Supplements

Avoid Hype, Myths and Antiquated advice. Performance Sports Nutrition.

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