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Nutrition Consultation

Your online nutritionist can make connections through Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype for an online nutrition consultation or via a normal telephone call!

These consultations can be one-off, or ad-hoc as necessary. They are designed for you to bring questions to the meeting whereby the best online nutritionist can give guidance, help, and plan out the best weight loss journey for you.

The consultations can continue to provide support for the 'change' and 'maintain' stages of any weight loss program.

Equally, for sports nutrition, a consultation is sufficient to provide a performance sports nutrition plan to support training or events that you are partaking in.

Terry Walker Sports Nutrition

Online Nutrition Coach

Are you focusing too much on work, family and life...?

You are more useful to everybody, healthy.

Take some time and work with the best online nutritionist for you

10 Minute Consultation - Free

This initial engagement is to understand how the registered nutritionist can help.

Please be prepared with any questions you have specifically for me regarding your diet, activity, exercise or general health.

We can give a few recommendations to set you on a more healthy path, and a better understanding of what we offer as nutritionists


6o Minute Consultation - £100

During these meetings, we can approach any issues people have around food, their dietary environment and weight loss.

We can provide nutritional plans, recipes, guidance and nutrition counselling, along with simple activity prescriptions to increase health and happiness.

An outline of what should be expected can be seen in more detail on the weight loss and sports nutrition pages.

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