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Ways of Getting Help

This curated blog lists ways to get nutritional, and psychological help when necessary. Don't hesitate to ask if you need a hand.

Mental health problems are common and are tough. Reaching out to people (be it loved ones, family or professionals) can be even harder. Below is a list of specific places that you can click through to and have a look. Hopefully, they help you. Mental health and Nutrition are very serious and you should act, you should not avoid it, put it off or ignore the situation. There is also great advice for those living with, or dealing with a person that has disordered eating.

"The best way out, is always through." - Robert Frost

Unhealthy Relationship with Food

If you are having problems such as an unhealthy relationship with food, the following link can give you more information and help you to understand the potential eating disorder.

Mental Health Government website. Lots of information and signposting to mental health helplines and charities.

These following links can provide incredible support. Whether you tend towards over-eating, bulimia or anorexia.

Beat UK, an eating disorder charity set up in 1989. They have an adult helpline: 0808 801 0677 or youth helpline: 0808 801 0711.

Contact your GP. They give anonymous appointments and consultations.


Whether you have arrived here through a food and nutrition-related search or not, below are the best sources of information and help for this mental health situation. Nobody wants to be depressed, yet often getting out of a trough takes work, courage and help.

Self-help organisation. This charity works with mutual support and encouragement from other people, not just professionals.

Mind. The UK's foremost charity in helping people who suffer from mental health issues.

Contact your GP. This can be a fundamental step towards recovery, they have access to a range of therapies, support circles in your local area.

General Nutrition and Weight Loss

If your mental health is nutrition-related, then NutriBro might be able to help too. Many issues with depression, social anxiety and confidence stem from weight control. Our nutritionists are trained in the Science of Weight Control, and counselling methods to help people achieve successful longterm #weightloss

Our Complete Nutrition Solution is an all encompassing way to make changes to your lifestyle and habits in order to make sustainable changes for weight loss and health.

In the fairly likely case that we think your mental health is related to your diet and deficiencies in vitamin and mineral status, it is likely we will need you to see a GP to get a blood screening done.

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