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Performance Sports Nutritionist

The chemical compounds in food are the fuel for our movements. They are the entire foundation of our performance potential. Energy is used in various processes throughout the body, with the main focus being muscular effort. That energy may be sourced from fat, carbohydrate or phosphocreatine, and even from protein in a deficit of other metabolic substrates.

Understanding the complex chemistry behind biomechanical movements is an absolutely essential skill required by anybody writing or giving a sports nutrition program, and integral to becoming the best sports nutritionist.

A NutriBro. performance sports nutritionist acts as an online nutrition coach, with specialist knowledge of performance nutrition in:

  • Rugby Union

  • Rock Climbing

  • Bouldering

  • Mountaineering

And the experience of working with elite athletes for sports nutrition in:

  • Olympic distance Triathlon

  • Golf

We can also provide medium to long term plans for individual athletes and teams in marathon nutrition, endurance racing, and high altitude mountaineering.

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woman playing golf

Online Sports Nutrition

Online consultations are available in 60-minute slots to answer questions, and to form and deliver programs


Presentations to Clubs and Teams

Educational, inspirational and informative lectures on sports nutrition specialising in your team's or club's sport

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Performance Nutritionist

Long term athlete programs and support are available in the same capacity as the CNS nutrition solution.

Online Sports Nutritionist Consultation

6o-minute performance sports nutrition consultations are available online by contacting us. We can work through the following, in one or more sessions depending on the depth of work required in the session:

  • Calorie and nutrient requirements

  • Day-to-day or Hour-to-hour nutrition strategies for performance and recovery

  • Individual meal and snack plans with recipes

  • Shopping lists of weekly nutrition required

  • Supplements such as protein, creatine, beta-alanine

  • Food and exercise diaries

  • Weight loss programs

  • Muscle gain - body composition changes

When our places with a long-term nutrition coach are full, these appointments are still available. 60-minutes from £80.

Full Nutrition Program - Sports Nutrition

The best sports nutrition programs are completely specialised to both the individual and the sport in question. Our online sports nutritionist will provide the following:

  • Long term health of athletes - avoidance of injury and overtraining

  • Weight gain or weight loss programs and support

  • Training nutrition - strategies and plans

  • Competition day nutrition - strategies including the lead up to an event

  • Recovery and future training

  • The periodisation of nutrition for body composition changes

  • Supplements and ergogenic aids for sport

Due to the intensive nature of this work. We have relatively few spaces available for athletes until the team of online nutritionists has increased in size. 6-week programs from £600

Terry Walker Nutritionist

Sports Nutritionist

Nutritionist London

Ex-Rugby Player

Elite Rock Climber

Supplement Expert

Misses Team Sports

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Sports Nutrition - Lectures & Presentations

We are placed to deliver engaging, interactive lectures and informative talks.

All presentation are completely sport-specific and include the very latest information coming from the nutrition and exercise science community. Recommendations are therefore evidence-based from pools of thousands of participants, rather than biased personal knowledge and historic anecdotes.

We specialise in team sports including Rugby and Football nutrition, along with a truly in-depth understanding of weight-conscious sports such as Climbing nutrition creating the best online nutritionist programs.

Golf nutrition is a particularly overlooked factor in a sport where concentration and physical performances can last a full day in tournaments. Nutritional science of Golf is starting to mature in evidence and is a sport which we hold a passion for.

If your team or club would benefit from a broader understanding of how nutrition could be used to gain performance advantages... Get in contact

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