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Weight loss Programs

The weight loss industry is full of myths designed as unique selling points for ineffective products, groups and classes. Nutritbro uses the results from scientific trials and studies to influence our recommendations for best weight loss results longterm.

Ultimately, making huge changes to try and lose weight, or embarking on a 'new fat loss diet', almost never works. Adherence is incredibly low, the changes are not suitable in all environments, and many people actually rebound to a higher weight afterwards.

With a nutrition coach, the Complete Nutrition Solution implements small meaningful behaviour change techniques, along with motivational interviewing, and underlying biochemistry knowledge to create the best weight loss plan and supporting situation to allow for lifelong results and success.

Spinich Bowl of Nutrition

The Complete Nutrition Solution



The first stage enables the nutritionist to gather the goals and all the preliminary information from the client. From there we understand how to help each other.


1:1 Meeting

The client fills out some questionnaires, activity and food diaries. With permission, some measurements are taken.

An initial plan is then given



Small changes to everyday behaviours add up to huge changes over time. This stage is a fully supported transformation of a few habits, with lasting effect.



Steady weight loss is the key to success, along with professional support to gauge and boost motivation along the way. This process can take a year or more.

The Complete Nutrition Solution is the best weight loss program. Full support to encourage and acquire habits through behaviour change techniques that will continue for life. Prices start at £1650 per month (not including flight expenses).

The program entails a fully client-centric solution, whereby the best online nutritionist can accompany you throughout your daily life for a number of days a month, or where required, to observe and assist in new habits and behaviours. Confronting binge eating, emotional eating, and diet culture. This is body transformation rather than a fat loss diet. Here are some of, not all, the aspects of this transformational program:

  • Goal settings and strategy meeting

  • Behaviour and habit change psychology sessions

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Body Caliper Tests - Kinanthropometry

  • 1-1 Coaching and personal support, 5 days per month

  • In house support for cooking, shopping and food storage

  • Weekly calls to re-adjust recommendations and program

  • Day-to-day life coaching - food shopping

  • Cooking and food science of nutrition

  • Managing restaurants and meals out

  • Management of working away and travel

  • Nutrition on Holiday

  • Weekly activity prescription

  • Basic metabolic biochemistry education

  • Continual ad-hoc support and plan

  • Complete support from £1650 per month


6 Week Weight Loss Fast Track

This is an intensive 6-week program designed to lose a number of kilos in body-fat. It is a shortened version of the Complete Nutrition Solution. Each program is completely configured to the specific client's goals and needs. You can expect the following:

  • An introduction to food and nutrition tracking

  • Activity and movement diary

  • Motivational Counselling

  • Nutrition, food buying and cooking education

  • Highlighting of unhelpful habits, and advice

  • Behaviour change techniques

  • Lots of small weekly tips that make a huge difference

  • Recipes and meal planning

  • Any potential supplements that may help or be required

Prices start at £650 per block

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